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SKOP Festival • computermusic IV
In cooperation with ECHOFLUXX, Prague -
9./10. September 2022
Hall of University of Frankfurt

Computer music is a very broad genre. From sound synthesis with MAX/MSP at Julia Mihály, waveset synthesis at Bernd Schurer to Dan Senn, who uses the computer as a "simple tool" or Peter Wiessenthaner, who writes programs for augmented reality instruments, the possibilities of using the computer in music uses are extremely diverse. Only a few are mentioned here. We are pleased to be able to present these artists at SKOP.
We are also pleased that Harald Kubiczak is presenting his new book, "Sound Art at Kästrich – recordings 1991–1999", Verlag Circuit-Art_ with us. The book will be published in August 2022. In this book there is an article about Dan Senn.

Julia Mihály, Germany, Foto: Katharina Dubno

Bernd Schurer, Germany

Dan Senn, USA

Harald Kubiczak, Germany

Peter Wiessenthaner, Germany

Theatersaal der Alten Universitaet Frankfurt

More informations: PDF Program, here the map
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Last events

SKOP-Festival • 20./21.9.2019
Hall of University of Frankfurt

Why does a probe need to fly nine times on Earth, Venus, and Mercury, so it can fly into orbit around Mercury? How can a composition be realized that requires a certain spatial expansion? How does the Great Beerer Reef get into a concert hall? How is a performance to be understood in which music, the fine arts, performance meet? Is this music when only "noises" are heard?
Are we getting satisfying answers to these questions?

Tania Rubio, Mexiko

Matthias Engelke, Germany

Philipp Caspari, Germany

Ruediger Jehn, Germany

Peter Wiessenthaner, Germany

Peter Wiessenthaner, Electr. string instrument

More informations: PDF Programm
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Traditional and new instruments
25 years SKOP
22.- 23. September 2018 • Hall of University of Frankfurt • Frankfurt am Main

In our festival we presented contributions with traditional and novel instruments. We explored the question of what makes the difference between new and old instruments. What is the advantage of a new instrument, where is the disadvantage? Can instruments with tempered tuning be used with instruments that are free from tempering? What are the difficulties?
This festival was about these questions. We were curious to see which "solutions" the various participants presented on 22 and 23 September 2018. The final improvisation with Birgit Ulher, trumpet - tempered; Peter Wiessenthaner, electronic bass flute and special acoustic flute - not tempered; Thomas Gerwin, drums and not least Claudia Robles-Angel, Electronic Music; gave a musical answer to the questions asked above.
The festival took place in the hall of the old university of the city of Frankfurt am Main, participants were:

Claudia Robles-Angel, Germany-Colombia

Claudia Robles-Angel, Germany-Colombia

Achim Zepezauer, Germany

Birgit Ulher, Germany

Thomas Gerwin, Germany

Peter Wiessenthaner, Germany

More informations: PDF-Programm - See All Events Since 1993
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Music with usual means II
10th and 11th of November, 2017, 8 pm
In the hall of the Cyriaksgemeinde • Alexanderstrasse 37 • 60489 Frankfurt am Main

Usual means such as well-known instruments, objects, and methods meet us in this event. But you treated like her was anything but "usual". More than 20 years ago presented SKOP 1996 already once an event under this title. If we introduced at that time artists who experimented with the bar code or with the overhaed projector with an very special voice-performance, you then met as "usual" as a violin, a guitar, a saxophone or a bass flute in the two evenings. Or so usual instruments as: violin machine or electronically steered flute. However: Music with usual means. Oh anyhow we forget it: So usual means like an ISS experiment to the origin of the Chondren.

EXCISS Experiment on the ISS - Chondren origin
Image: EXCISS-Team, Frankfurt am Main

Harald Kimmig - Violine
Image: Uli Templin

Kathrin Hunze - GEN II
Image: Kathrin Hunze

L. Hyvärinen und I. Belorukov - Guitar and saxophone
Image: Timo Pyhälä

Peter Wiessenthaner - Electr. steered bassflute
Image: Peter Wiessenthaner

Karl F. Gerber- violin machine
Image: Detlef Mangler

More informations: PDF-Programm - See All Events Since 1993
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Phill Niblock
special event • 5 hours music and film
images and music III • 21th January, 2017 • 8:00 o'clock until 1:00 o'clock
Pupille, Mertonstraße 26-28 • 60325 Frankfurt am Main

5 hours of music and film from and with Phill Niblock were presented first in Frankfurt. All together the audience heard 14 compositions during the last 4 years have originated - see programme. Between the single pieces there was no interruption of music or film, seemlessly a piece of music submitted to the other or a film in the other. It was a double projection, in the format 8:3. Two instrumentalists played to the recordings with flute/guitar: Peter Wiessenthaner, flute and bass flute; Martin Lejeune, guitar - ebow.

Phill Niblock, 5 hours music and film, praparation
Image, SKOP 2017

Martin Lejeune, guitar - ebow, test

Martin Lejeune, guitar - ebow, concert

Article New York Times about the music of Phill Niblock, click here

Program of the Phill Niblock night, click here

Video, Peter Wiessenthaner play on the ears of the
audience with the flutes, click here

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images and music II
13th and 14th December, 2016
Large hall, Saalbau Gallus, Frankenallee 111, Frankfurt, in each case 20:00 o'clock

We presented "images and music II", under this wide-calm subject results from the areas of Installation, publication, electronic music, instrument development and not least from the astronomy. Here play translation phenomenon a big role. If it is in the area of the astronomy if data from satellite missions are used for picture-giving procedures or in the music if tonal events are translated into a visual one. We follow the phenomena resulting from it during this event. Image

PD Dr. Torsten Enßlin - Vom Anfang der Zeit
Image: PD Dr. Torsten Enßlin

Harald Kubiczak - musik ohne musiker
Image: Harald Kubiczak

Harald Kubiczak - Tremolo
Image: Harald Kubiczak

Claudia Robles Angel - Audiovisual Peoem
Image: Claudi Robles Angel

Tobias Schmitt - Blackest Box
Image: Tobias Schmitt

Peter Wießenthaner - combination with visual support
Image: Peter Wießenthaner

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Realtime music • cognition science gain
12th und 13th of December, 2015, AVA

Which common characteristics have satellites Missions and Music draughts? Where do the connecting lines lie here? Which knowledge profit can a linking of music have with computer real time controls? In music contributions and discussions became to these questions followed.

Michael Khan - Missionsanalytiker ESA, Gespraech
Image: Michael Khan

Thomas Maos - my subject is my object
Image: Thomas Maos

Prof. Dr. Doeben-Henisch - PHILOSOPY-IN-CONCERT
Image: Prof. Dr. Doeben-Henisch

P. Wiessenthaner - hitmachine, audiovisual-system
Image: Peter Wiessenthaner.

Mia Zabelka - M
Image: Mia Zabelka.

Gero Koenig - chordRelief
Image: Bernd Wendt

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With the kind support of the cultural deparment of the city of Frankfurt am Main

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Peter Fjodoroff *09.07.1946 - 20.08.2015

Peter Fjodoroff, the musician, actor and author has unexpectedly died 20th of August, 2015. Peter Fjodoroff was presented by SKOP several times. Here more.

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multimedia • acoustic • electronic, 25th of april 2015, AVA

Real string sounds; synthetic string sounds; bass flutes steer animation: this the catchwords for this concert evening. 6 loudspeakers were ordered to a hexagon to hear the composition from Jan Jacob Hofmann, with Peter Wiessenthaner (Pictures from the animation 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 ) 7 loudspeakers were active and Gero Koenig's instrument completely sounded without strengthening.

Jan Jacob Hofmann - Coloured Dots... • Audio
Image: Jan Jacob Hofmann

Gero Koenig - Chordeograph 1 - 9 • Video
Image: Peter Wiessenthaner

P. Wiessenthaner - Töne und Photos • Video
Image: Peter Wiessenthaner

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combinations • 8th and 9th of November 2014 • AVA

This year has introduced SKOP artists who combine different art types with each other. The works connected music with picture, body actions with music or other genres with each other were shown. The event took place on the 8th and 9th of November, 2014 in the hall of the AVA.
Special guest of this event of SKOP was PHONOPHON, a Frankfurt organisation which promotes the experimental music and art by various activities. Three members of PHONOPHON had introduced her works.
The cooperation contained an appearance of members of SKOP on the 10th of November with PHONOPHON in the Institut fuer Neue Medien, Frankfurt am Main.
Participants of the event were:
Claudia Robles I Lucas Gutierrez I PHONOPHON - Duo Stefan Militzer / Roland Etzin and Circuitnoise I Gero Koenig I Peter Wiessenthaner I Gabriele Eberspaecher.

Gabriele Eberspaecher - Painting
Image: Gabriele Eberspaecher

Lucas Gutierrez - Musik mit Animation
Image: Lucas Gutierrez

Claudia Robles - Performance
Image: Roland Baege

Duo Stefan Militzer/Roland Etzin und Circuitnoise

Peter Wiessenthaner - hitmachine with animation
Image: Peter Wiessenthaner.

Gero Koenig - Chordeograph
Image: Serge Le Goff

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20 years of SKOP • music and reading • November 2013, AVA

A total of 6 artists showed on the 9th and 10th of November, 2013 on given occasion her topical works in the hall of the AVA. Monika Golla and Nicholas Heyduck with an audio visual performance, Viktoria Heinz-Auth with the reading of a new text, Gero Koenig with new compositions, Peter Wiessenthaner with an audio visual composition and the composer's duet Gero Koenig and Peter Wiessenthaner.

The evening was finished with a conversation in which themselves the artists with the interested audience about the respective works exchanged.

Viktoria Heinz-Auth - Lecture

M. Golla, N. Heyduck - Audio-visuelle Perfomance

Gero Koenig - Komposition mit Chordeograph 2

Komponisten Duo P. Wiessenthaner, G. Koenig

Peter Wiessenthaner - hitmachine with animation

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With the kind support of the cultural deparment of the city of Frankfurt am Main